New York Bridges at night

New York City consists of many islands and many more bridges to connect them. Time to photograph them at night!

Deegan and Cross-Bronx

Manhattan Bridge with Stones

Under the Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge Pylon

Bridge and Moon

Brooklyn Bridge at night 2

Brooklyn Bridge at night

Manhattan Bridge through a window

Bayonne Bridge

Bayonne Bridge with Log

Triboro Bridge

Verrazano Bridge with Rocks

Verrazano Bridge with Rocks 2

Verrazano Bridge with Clouds

Verrazano Bridge with Stones

Verrazano Bridge with Cruise Ship passing through

Outerbridge Twilight

Goethals Bridge

Under the George Washington Bridge

Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge at night

George Washington Bridge at night

Hell Gate and Triboro Bridge

Triboro Bridge and Manhattan

Clouds over Hell Gate

Triboro Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge at night 3

Brooklyn Bridge in Red

Verrazano Bridge with Rocks 3

George Washington Bridge at low tide

George Washington Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge and Midtown Manhattan

Queensboro Bridge at night

Brooklyn Bridge with Downtown Skyline

Verrazano Bridge

Roosevelt Island Bridge

Under the Williamsburg Bridge

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